So ive got this 80s strat made by Aria Pro II. Top of the line Magna series, 100% sick. The previous owner put 2 dimarzio single coils in it, but the bridge is original and sounds like complete hell. I want a screaming 80s tone. The Tone Zone and Super Distortion by dimarzio are just to low-mid sounding, and the PAF pro is a little flat to me, but its still in consideration. anyone else? I might try a GFS crunchy rails, i dont really want duncans, i have those in 3 other guitars.
If its an HSS, try an Evo. Or try a Bill Lawrence 500xl, what Dime used. If its a single-coil bridge, mmaybe a Lace Sensor Red or a JB jr., even tho the JB jr. is a Duncan. Maybe try a DiMarzio Steve's Special.
I would honestly try the Fred or Mo'Joe if it's a fullsize humbucker you need. Or the Chopper if it's a single coil size humbucker you need.
Duncan custom 5 if the likes of the Tone Zone and Super Distortion are too low middy, it's a little brighter.

Another option is a Super Distortion with 1 meg pots for a little more top end.
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