Hey guys!

Cleaning out the little guitar shelves, I have a few things that I have no need for...maybe someone can put them to use for cheap.

-Pair of chrome pup covers

- x1 Weber Beam Blocker (great for getting rid of the ice pick with some speakers when standing infront...I use them in my Mesa 4x12)

- x2 Flapjacks (same idea as the Weber Beam Blocker, but a less permanent solution, as you hang it on the grill cloth of your cab...also works very well).

- x1 Daisy Chain

- 8' Power cable....this is off my Voodoo labs pedal power, but has the same plug that works with most amps, etc.

If anyone is interested, let me know...I want to get rid of this stuff, so name your price, we check shipping, and its yours.

If someone would want to take it all, I'll let it all go for $35 shipped. Considering the beam blocker and flapjacsk cost me that alone, it's a great deal for someone!

Thanks for looking, and PM with any interest!