Hey all, Ive been wanting to get a new delay pedal for a while now I have been using a behringer one its an okay pedal, no noise and it doesnt take away from the sound of the amp when its not in use. The delay effect on it is actually okay too, the problem is its always added some compression when in use (which at first I liked ) but its really starting to get on my nerves now as I really notice it!

Soo which delay pedal should I replace it with? Should I just go with boss DD-6 or DD-3? I will mostly be using it when soloing and while playing clean.. nothing insane.

cheers chris.

P.s. You may notice me posting a few more questions like this as Ive just got myself a new job so I'll finally be getting myself a couple of new bits lol
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The DD's have been said to be good pedals. I've no experience of them myself, although Boss pedals are very nice pedals.
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