i like the shrill distortion. and i like that you didnt try to wordy it up
I'm gonna be honest, it could use a little work. I think you'd be better off using quarter notes rather than eighth notes on that clean intro, and maybe clean up that tone a little bit. The distortion was a pretty good sound, I liked it, but it was kinda just...Average. The kind of chord progression you'd hear in a Motley Crue song, not something you'd want to use for an instrumental. I'd say add some leads in front of that progression, maybe some arpeggios and such, just don't get carried away, and you could definitely have something.

If you want, be as brutally honest with my little instrumental.


In fact, everyone should be.
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Sorry, I should've specified that it's not going to be an instrumental for long. There's gonna be drums and vocals added to it eventually. But I'll try the stuff you said. They actually sound like they would work pretty well.

and ill definitely check out your song.