im looking at a digitech rp250 guitar multieffect processor and i want to know if anyone has one or has played on one and if i should get it or look at somthing else.. please give your thoughts or advice
yh ull proberly end up getting it and in about 2 years, find it sounds empty, and go to single effect. Ull learn in time, everyone does/
I like my Zoom G2. Can't say anything about the Digitech's (although from what I've heard, they're not exactly amazing).
Truthfully the only multeffects pedal I ever liked was a Zoom. As I said I'm not into multis but the Zoom doesn't get mentioned nearly enough around here.
Like everyone says, it sounds very digital, plus the wah/expression pedal on that thing sucks bad.
Digitech is not junk..Has great stuff....In this price you can get something better......
You don't have a real high budget for this, do you?

Multi-effects are great in certain applications. If you're starting out, it's probably actually best to get a multi-effects just because it gives you something to play around with, and allows you to really discover your tone a little better, and develop your ear.

Not sure if this is exactly top-notch for the price range. Try spending time with a few effects units. Also helps to know what your maximum budget is. It looks like it's around $150? That's the price I see for the RP-250 on Musician's Friend.

EDIT: I didn't mean to sound like an ass with that first sentence. It's just that cheaper multi-effects units tend to be, well, cheaper in quality. And with something like this, it would probably be better to stretch your budget a little if at all possible, because this is going to be something you'll probably be using for a while.
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