I cannot word
Whats going on, so deep inside me.
I don't want to
Tell you my darkest secret
Cause if I do
I fear, that
It will come to life.

I cannot see
What's making, me feel this.
I havent ever really,
thought about it till now.
I've got my reasons,
I can't say;
I've tried, but it's too hard

My inner self
seeks help, but thats no option.
It's too hard to break it out,
the words just drown away.
It's not what I want,
but theres no other way to stop it.
I've got to end it.

more will be written, but please crit what i've done so far. it is a screamo type song, some lines will be sung and some will be screamed to show emotion. i was thinking something along the lines of 'my darkest secret' as the title, but it sounds, i dont know, not powerful enough.
Please give the rules the once over then you can repost this.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.