Well, i have never played before but need a hobby so i thought id pick up guitar. I need to know where to start. I muct get an electric and use headphones some of the time b/c my parents go to bed early and i cant make to much noise. I wasnt something that can play metal and rock, and my price range is 300 dollars tops (including the amp). So if you could give me tips on guitars and amps I would appreciate it.
Get a cheap practice amp, and a squire. People will tell you that they suck but they are cheap and good beginner guitars.

I would also buy a dvd on how to play guitar. Also go on the beginner forum and read the lessons. UG is good for helping people learn how to play guitar.
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definitely go with the squire starter kit, you get a decent practice guitar and a nifty 15w fender amp with headphone jack, thats what I got all those years ago...
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Most music stores sell packages that include the guitar, amp, cables, and sometimes a lesson book, which are excellent for beginners. I have several guitars, but I haven't purchased a package of any kind in years, but I'm pretty sure most are sold for under $350. You may have to go a teensy bit over your price range, maybe by 50 or so dollars, to get a full package. Do a lot of research, go around to music stores and ask them what they think, they will know what kind of guitar is more appropriate for you and what fits your budget.
I would get the Ibanez GSA 6 starter kit (http://www.feedback.nl/?id=55&b=GSA60JSUBK&a=9&treeID=) dutch site btw :P ibanez is always good value for money, it's around 259 euro's, I've got a RG 2620 now, but i still use the GSA 60, ofcourse not good sound, but i think the neck is great! ibanez is better then squire in my opinion
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i would go with a Ibanez GRX20 with a Marshall 10 watt amp. this is what i got to start off and Ibanez's are great even at that low price. Guitar Center should be able to cut you a deal with all the cables and stuff too.
i would try to stay away from starter packs if u are going to stick with guitar playing,
i would get a dean xm, the vendetta xm is really good 4 the price $90-$120 depending where u get it, a good amp is a decent idea, the roland micro cube is a good choice considering ur needs $100-$120(you wont need any seperate effects pedals since there built in) , for the headphones, go to radio shack and get an 1/4 jack headphone adapter with it u can plug in regular headphones about $3, total plus a waranty on both guitar and amp should be around 280 and it will kick any starter packs ass