Well, my pedalboard has been expanding these days, what with a band situation actually going on now, and my building obsession growing...I'm going to be building myself a pedalboard, for ease of transport and for organizational purposes.

I've been looking to buy a cable kit, so I can cut cables the way I'd like 'em, to the exact lengths I need.

I've been looking at these:

Here's what I've been able to ascertain:

The Core cable kit comes with the most cable.
The Planet Waves kit seems to be the most reliable.
The George L kit seems to be sonically superior to the Care kit, at least.

I think I'll either end up gettin' the Planet Waves Cable Station, or the George L kit.

Does anyone have opinions on kits, or the George L's reliability/quality?
I haven't used the kit but I have some cables made from one, they've been pretty reliable and sound fine, the George Ls kits suck.
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george L's thin out your sound ridiculously. i suggest just building the cable yourself from scratch or have someone do it for you. i had a local audio engineer make mine for me and they shit on 100% of anything you can buy at any shop. and they were cheap too.
I've used the PlanetWaves kit for about a year now with no problems. Loved them, but had to move to George Ls since moving to a rack system (Planet Waves weren't flexible enough for the wiring, but worked fine on the pedalboard).