Yo wassup guys. Just wanna say Eid Mubarak, Happy eid to any muslims here on UG. The month of ramadan, that we fasted is finished and now we can celebrate. it was yesterday in London and other parts of the world, here in canada it's today. i think other places maybe tomorrow. who else is celebrating Eid? even if ur not muslim u can celebrate with us lol.

I'm ab Atheist by the way but a celebration is a celebration
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The first time I saw his name I thought it said cunt Seanula >_>

True story.
*joins celebration*
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if im in a rush then its in the water but if i have time to be precise i aim for the side

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you guys stand up?
*dances like Chandler*
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
Eid Mubarak!!!
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*head explodes*
You sir, are a god.

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This song is about Little Red Riding Hood and her trials and tribulations with the Big Bad Wolf. He was a cunt who liked to bother pigs when they relaxed after work in their houses.