My noise gate is really starting to become a problem. I like using high gain, real metal stuff. But whenever i record my solo riffs sound like its lacking something due to the noise gate. Why do you guys suggest?
Point your amp away from you - that helps cut down on quite a lot of floor noise and squeals. Can you explain to me exactly why you are using a noise gate in the first place? Often in a sequencer you can just edit out all the parts the guitar is not playing so a noise gate can be unnecessary.
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not sure if you understand what a noise gate does or not. A noise gate will block all incoming sound below a specified level. so... the noisegate is either closed and no sound at all getting through.. or its opened and all sounds come through. If your recording is choppy and cut up, then you have the db setting to high. I really only use mine to leave mic's on all the time.. no sound when no ones singing.
Im using it to get rid of the buzz from the gain, it deffinatly sounds like its cutting out major tone from my high notes, Im not sure if it is the gate or possibly my pick ups?

Im using a Line 6 Floor Pod XT.
Audacity has a noise eliminator, select some of the noise in the beginning of the song before you start and tell it to eliminate all that noise from the song.
i use the line 6 floor pedal too want to send me your patch and i can try editing it a little bit?

pm if so