I'm using a bass amp for guitar, and I have a wylde sig overdrive beause it easily sounds the best out of all the similar pedals at Guitar Center. Would a distortion pedal over-ride an overdrive pedal?
According to this diagram that would appear so since hard clipping is distortion and soft clipping is overdrive, but there might be somthing I'm overlooking so any help is appreciated.
I've seen people use a distortion pedal with an overdrive pedal and it didn't sound too bad, but that was on the clean channel of a tube amp. I'd really thing about getting an amp designed for guitar because your effects aren't going to sound anything like they should. Most effects designed to give some kind of distortion sound very bassy (not a big surprised because it's a bass amp) and kind of have a "tunnel" sounding effect.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

I actually think running a guitar through a bass amp can be quite nice sounding if thats the sound you want.

Keyboard amps sound even better (high fidelity) IMO. I like a good solid state keyboard amp as much/better than tube amps sometimes.

its all what you want your sound to be. if you like it, great. Dimebag liked solid states (and I think I like them better too, for some things) If SS amps didnt make you feel like getting punched in the gut at high volumes, I'd definitely not even bother with tubes...

but anyways, it won't hurt your amp at all. I've done it one tubes and SS.

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^ no way dude, have you tried a /guitar into a keyboard amp, waaaaaaaaaaaay to much bass whatever you do with the EQ.
better than a tube amp, seriously no way, it sounds like crap, worse than a SS guitar amp, but if you like ****'e tone, hey, what ever floats your boat