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13 54%
11 46%
Voters: 24.
Neither. Social networking sites are a horrible waste of time.

And I'm being a hypocrite because UG is now almost a social networking site, with the profiles and stuff, and I took the time to make one.

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I have a myspace but not a facebook. I hate myspace so I'll say facebook. I'm not making much sense I know.
Myspace cuz of all the music. Facebook is lame. I dont care who says otherwise.'

but even better is IMEEM. im surprised barely anyone uses it
I use both, but I prefer myspace, just for all the band profiles and such.
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Facebook, I hate the way everyone on myspace has music blaring and these outrageous color schemes. Some days I wish I was blind and deaf just going to myspace.
Facebook is better for students, but if you're a recording musician then myspace is more for that. I have a facebook and a myspace music profile.
They each have their pros and cons.

I have a profile for both. I use Myspace more, though.
I prefer the interface.
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I love myspace because of the music, but the Zombies application in facebook is also cool. I don't know.
The new myspac layout looks like it was designed by a 3-year-old with ADHD.
Facebook is far too complicated for its own good, however, and its a pain in the arse to do even a simple task.