Feel free to post a shout for your specific area in this thread.

Well, basically looking for musicians in the Carter County area to jam with to get a feel for who they are, how they play etc , and in a few months, get together a full band. Plan on having the band setup at my house eventually, sound proofed etc... This will be a family safe environment ( yes, we can still crank the music up ), smoking fine, throw back a few beers, if your heavy into drugs, don't bother, I don't mind pot, just don't bring it into my house, you get the idea.
Looking for guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, singers... Not really looking for people who only play drums atm, as I plan on buying my own set to have set up in the house eventually. I myself can play bass/guitar/vocals, and will adjust according to who I meet up with. Any ages welcome, if your under 21, don't ask me for liquer

Your skill level doesn't matter to me up to this point, as i'm only intermediate myself... BUT, I at least expect people I'm jamming with to have a good sound, and be willing to learn. I have extra instruments and extra amps, bass, many guitars, keyboards, bout 3 amps, acoustics etc.

As far as the style of music, i'm into pretty much anything, but looking for those who lean more towards, classic rock, heavy metal. Send me a PM if your interested, or contact me at vittorio73401@cableone.net