Hey guys im writing this instrumental, and i need to know how to write an acoustic solo...its a very beautiful sounding song and i dont want anything rock so what do i need to learn or how should i learn...modes?some fancy scale? whatta? Thanks
just learn some scales and modes and stuff. you should be able to use a wide range of scales, i mean just because the minor pentatonic is used a lot in rock doesnt mean you cant use it on an acoustic. Its all in how you use it.
Depedning on the overall feel of your song you should be able to narrow down some choices of scales for solos as well. Just once you found a scale you like, try learn it over the entire fretboard, it just gives you way more options that standard boxes
Go to the musical theory section of this forum, they have a lot of info on that stuff.
And yeah, arpeggios sound good to.
I find that on acoustic I right almost all my solos in the style of SRV, playing everything like it's a chord, it helps me transition from the chords of the song to a solo, and I usually just mess around on the scales.
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Try some mordents, slurs or even any rasqueados and picados and try hitting some harmonics here and there if your song is written on an open string key.