Me and my band are struggling with writing a anthem kinda song. We are a metal band and our songs have kinda complex lyrics sometimes but we want to write a song like We Will Rock You, where u can easily get the crowd interacting and singing. Any suggestions?
keep the lyrics simple. easy, three-line rhyming chorus. Simple, powerchord chorus. might go against everything u do as a band, but it works. listen to songs like The Last Sunrise by Aiden, or The Leaving Song pt. 2 by AFI.
Make the phrase of lyrics you want them to sing relatively short and simple. If you want to give the idea that it should be sung by the crowd at live shows try maybe doing gang vox. If you don't know what that is, its where you record a bunch of people singing the same thing all at the same time and it give a great crowd sound.

If you want a really crazy cool example listen to This is More by Stick To Your Guns.

not live version just so you can see how they give the idea to the fans to do it.

when the crowd does it and its INSANE.
Thanks for the help. gotsa1998 we will do it in our own way so it wouldn't be that against our sound, the music ain't too complex anyway I will keep in mind the 3 line chorus thing.