Hi i need a new bridge pickup for my alder jackson dkmgt.

I currently have an invader in there but quite frankly it sounds awful in my setup.

I need medium to high output, punchy but musical tone ad clarity.

i play a lot of metal but i like to dabble with pretty much all sorts.

any suggestions? please don't suggest a duncan distortion as it sounds crap in my setup aswell. thanks
get a better amp. it will help more. the invader sounds good, the am sounds bad

lol well to be honest the bandit is definitely one of the better solid state amps for home practice and i have had decent tones from it using thick mahogany guitars. I actually have an ibanez valbee on the way, got it for a good price on ebay, i know it's only small but it hopefully it will have nice tones for practice at home
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^Okay, the Valbee should be a step up from the Bandit...I think there are definitely better solid state amps for home use than the Bandit, though.

Well none i have played are better, perhaps the tech 21 will beat it though. i have owned many solid state amps including Line 6 spider II, Roland cube 30, 60 and microcube, vox ad15vt, marshall mg100dfx and mg15dfx, laney maxd hardcore 212, and older bandit 112s. I even owned a marshall jcm900 50 watt tube combo for a bit but it wasn't suited to my needs of home playing, it was too loud and didn't really do cleans at all. i never heard that amps potential so i don't count it.

anyway i am moving in the right direction now, i have a nice guitar after owning more guitars then i have amps!! i am starting to get into effects of various kinds and i am starting my journey with tube amps.

but the invader is not for me, it must go
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I would beg to differ on the Roland Cube 30/60 and the Vox AD series. I liked the AD50VT and the Cubes better than the Bandit. However, each to his own...

But yes, I agree, the Invader is terrible. Check out that SH-11.

will do, how about the dimarzio fred? would that do the trick? also do i need to go for higher output pickups now i plan to play metal with a tube amp?
you don't need to go higher output, but it really depends on the amp to be honest.
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Well, you don't NEED high output pickups for metal. Lamb Of God's guitarists use vintage output pickups (Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59).