Alright here's one of my newest songs. It was inspired by the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. It's probably hard rock/light heavy metal (i.e. not anything like Slayer or something).

C4C of course!


EDIT: Attention! the GP5 tab is wrong! please use the GP4 one that has drums.
Beasts of England.zip
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Ok. The intro was a little boring. And the bass didnt fit that good, on the Hb and A you should change the bass to do the same insted of the bass playing a D.
Riff was ok, but it is very boring with just lots of power chords,
spice it up a little with a leads or a vocal on top.
The verse was good, but very repetitive. Add vocal or leads, or change it up a little with maybe going to a Hb then A every now and then, its a little generic, but at least it sounds less repetitive, but you should also lay a vocal/lead.
Didnt realy like the prechorus, and im getting pretty sick of just powerchords over and over.
Chorus isnt that great eigther, but all this is becouse its so simple,
powerchords alone are boring.
Solo wasnt that bad actualy. It wasnt great, but it was ok.
Break down was ok to begin with, but i did not like it when you put in the lead guitar.
Yes it fits with a lead there, but not that one. The solo after that however is much better.
At the end the rhythm guitar is totlay drowning the lead.

So what you should do is add drums, and add some leads/vocals.

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Of course there will be vocals. That's why the last chorus the solo is playing in the background and the vocals are there. The song does sound really boring without vocals, and the verses don't all have the same lyrics, they change everytime.
No, not exactly. Similar theme though.

EDIT: Why, might I ask?
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I feel impelled to crit this, since I just finished reading Animal Farm in class at school

The intro was surprisingly fitting, albeit it was maybe too simple/repetative, but i really loved the bass during it.

'Riff': Could be better, great idea, but i don't like the sound when you go from C5 to A#5.

Verse: Nice verse riff, although i think the drums need improved to hold the beat stronger.
I could really hear an epic "Beasts of England, Beasts of Ireland, Beasts of every land and climb etc" here.

Pre-Chorus: Again, me likey, although when you repeat, i.e in bar 37, i think it would sound better if you went down a note in the scale for all powerchords, in the same way you moved it up a note in the scale in the bars after that.

Solo A was nice, I liked that lick you used in bar 90.
Breakdown was awesome as well.

All in all, very cool, although as said above, powerchords get boring after a while.

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Good song. Although, it did get boring at times to be honest. You should definately have a lead riff being played during the Verse, doesn't have to be anything crazy, just something to keep it interesting. I liked the Chorus riff, sounded pretty cool. Solos were pleasant as well. Also, the transition from the end of the first solo into the main riff needs to be changed, I didn't really like it. Overall, it was good with a few parts that need to be fixed up a bit.

p.s. Thanks for the crit!
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The intro was a little boring, and stereotypical, try adding a lick above it? maybe?

The beginning part was good, but there could be a little more variance, i like the second part WAY better, actually sounded like it was moving. You need some drums in there, bro.

Liked the solo, you should record an MP3 with effects on it. maybe vary the bass a little throughout, so it doesn't seem like cut and paste.


4/4 is just so boring. <_<