im doing a project for school and i need the statistics of people on how many hours a week you practice bass or guitar or w.e and on a scale of 1-10 how comfortable you feel playing in front of people please help thanks
56 hours a week-guitar
bass-4 hours.

and on a scale of 1-10 ten being highest.

about a 7

good luck on the projet btw.
About 25 hours

6 (if you include jamming with friends)
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10. My band plays all the time.
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30 hrs (it used to be 80ish until last year) Guitar

0 my hands get sweaty and trembly when i play in front of people
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14 hours roughly. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower.

and about a 4-5. I still need to overcome that particular stage in my guitaring.
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guitar - 30hours

bass - 10hours

comforbility on guitar - 7

comforbility on bass - 8

only cos ive been playing bass for a year more than ive played guitar, so im better at bass

9-10 hours a week right now with school. Im about a 8 since I play for my school's jazz band. I practice for about 4 hours a week in school.
bou 23 hours

and 5, people scare me
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10 hours a week
4 playing in front of people but im shy about everything..
8 hours because I'm always busy.

5 because I mess up easily in front of others.
practise around 20 hours
I was quite confident but now i tense up when i play in front of people so like 5
guitar - 21

4-7 hours, because of limited, scheduled timings during the week- I try my best to fit as much in the weekend.

however, about 6 for confidence.
About 10 hours a week.

I'd say about 8 for playing in front of people, I've done it a heap of times.
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