ok, my buddy laid down some vocals tracks for me on a little tape recorder. its got a headphone out, speaker, and mic in. i want to get it to record onto my pc (audacity) without using a mic (i dont want any tonal/sound coloration)

can UG help me?
make sure you have it set up correctly...line out to (on my card it is a tape recorder in) line in, and then set your sound and voice recording to "what u hear" (sounds and audio device properties)

Tell me what sound card you have and I may be able to help you better
on your computers tool bar make sure you have the "Line in" fader un-muted and pushed up all the way.

in audacity make sure the settings are correct and that should fix it.

audacity you should set the pull down box to Line In or something similar...for me it doesn't allow any choice but works anyways. Also be sure the volume is turned between 5 and 7 on the tape player because some of the volume knobs will control the headphone output jack.

lastly, you should be using a stereo 1/8" - 1/8" cord between the tape player and line in.
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