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14 28%
36 72%
Voters: 50.
Do you save strings when you change whole sets?

I do, for spares and the like, which was rather lucky tonight.
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Yes, just one pack, just incase I need some.
Although I have quite a few high e's since they break frequently.
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i can't... i have auto trimming tuners.... i could never get the strings back on if i took them off
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I always try to replace the whole set at once, but if one string breaks and I do not have a whole set I will use an old string for the time being (until i get a whole set to replace them).

I change my strings every about 2-3 months anyways.
I make my old strings into bracelets and such.

I have about twenty guitar-string bracelets lying around my house.
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Ugh, I just got done Replacing my strings on my ****ty Arbor Acoustic

On the last string I was HALF step away from being intune, and


broken string.

That really pissed me off

I usually save old strings, but I dont have any..
I do save used drum heads though too.
I do save strings but snip the ends off so they wont go back on teh guitar.
I reuse them on a DIY hotwire foam cutter I made years ago. Guitar strings really hold up well for that type of thing.
Nope, I always tie them in a knot so they can never be played on again then i throw them away. Its like the end of a chapter in the guitars life.
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i always reaplace my strings at least once a moth and throw out the old ones, i usualy play ernie balls and i find the sound great but wear out really quickly.
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