I have lowered my asking price on the first. Email/PM me with any/all questions, comments, offers etc. For trades I'd like non-floyd guitar, possibly a 7 string. ( Ibanez/Schecter/ESP LTD ) but I'm looking for guitar pedal/rack FX and PC Audio Recording interfaces or anything else.

I have 2 I'm wanting to sell or trade. One is ready to shred on, the other is a project I never got around to. I'm moving towards non-Floyd guitars and I have enough others already. I'm assuming you know the history behind these. They are early 90's and nicer than any Ibanez RG ( which were made at the same factory ) $ for $. These have the sculpted neck heel the RG's didn't have and Original Floyd Rose Tremolos.

Heartfield - Red and Ready - Asking $200 o.b.o. or Trade
This one has a few dings/chips and the pickguard is scuffed a bit. Also the low corner of the headstock was repaired before I bought it, many years ago. It's been a great axe! It currently has an EMG 81 in the bridge and an AMAZING stock neck pickup. I dont know what it is but I never even considered changing it. The middle pickup hole covered with black tape just to keep the dust out. Lastly, it's gonna need the frets crowned. They're pretty worn but still very playable. Check out the pictures and ask any questions you have.

Heartield Project Guitar - Asking $75 o.b.o. or Trade
I bought this off eBay years ago too in hopes that I'd have a second for backup. I never found the money to put into restoring it and it's been in a case for a long time... The body is very beat up but very much salvageable. The neck is in great shape other than worn frets. It's really all about the neck with this one.

I have cases available too if you want one!

One is an Ibanez SKB-style. It's missing one foot and the middle latch. The upper cutaway area of the foam was intentionally extended to the accessory pocket, appparently to allow the strap to remain attached. It is still very useable. I used it for my Heartfield and it fits nice and snug. Here's some pictures. Asking $40

This case is a chipboard case that I've used for one of my Heartfields. It might also work for a short bass ( ie: Soundgear? ) It's in great shape. Since it fit my Heartfields so loosely I only used it for storage. Asking $50
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Guys, these are some slick guitars. Buckethead played one during his Deli Creeps time to give you an idea of what they can do. too bad I'm low on cash atm, or I would jump on these.
i know but if it wasnt for the iron madien sticker i would buy it on the spot but im playing metalcore and deathmetal..........everyone would laugh at me and i would ge tmade fun off soo unless you can remove the sticker some how then i would be pleased to buy it
If you want the guitar, I'll absolutely take the sticker off for you. If you have any other questions or anything just ask. I can't put a Jem Multi-color Swirl on it but I'll definitely take the sticker off. You really think everyone would laugh at you? Death Metal has roots in Iron Maiden. But I guess some might not understand.
- Music Man Silhouette w/stock Floyd - Evo(B) ToneZone(N)
- Boss SD-1 & CS-3, EHX Hazarai & Clone Theory
- VHT PittBull 45 - 2x12