Hi I am new to bass and I was wondering if someone could give me a list of songs that i could play that good blues songs and or have a good groove for bass thanks
try working on aeroplane by red hot chili peppers, not the whole song but the really funky bridge

it is pretty hard for beginners but hey everyone needs a challenge
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Chili Pep's - Higher Ground

I dont think that is that easy. Someone at school plays it, looks awkward with all the slapping and popping and what not
Play that funky music xD

For blusey stuff check out some John Lee Hooker, or some George Thorogood stuff. Pretty basic, but they'll give you the general sound. Or learn your Minor Pentatonic scales and make your own blusey riffs. It's actually not all that hard to do and IMO it gives a better sense of accomplishment. Especially when someone says "hey, what song is that" and you get to go "I wrote it "