how much you paid. the emg hz pkups. do you like it.... compared to an ibnz rg-series? i can't go try it out cuz i dont go into any stores that sell them.

thanks for YOUR opinions
Grmmr plz. Number one, the ones with EMG HZs weren't bad, but the newer ones have EMG actives, and upgraded trems. I would say its made and plays as well as any RG in the price range. and I can't tell you the price because I don't know where you're from.
i've got an ofr that's sitting in a drawer collecting dust. i'd probably be better off with that, then the stock, huh?
Quote by essary1
i wanted to get this guitar too but could never find the $800 lol

ebay, my dear friend. the one i'm getting has a headstock issue, but can be fixed, i'm sure. my local tech has rebuilt numerous headstocks. ones much worse off than my new aquisition.... and its purchased price, you may ask? $176.35

LTD MH-400

- Set Neck
- Mahogany with Maple Top
- EMG's (not sure which model though)

Jackson DKMG

- Bolt On Neck (Ala Fender style)
- Alder Body
- EMG's (not sure)

I would recommend trying them out though... the LTD is cheaper though. The Jackson will sound brighter I would think.
i love my dkmg, bought mine blemished for $600, they sell em on zzounds.com here's a link:http://www.zzounds.com/item--JAC2910100

it had a tiny scratch towards the back of the guitar where you can't even see it. Anyways, it was a good choice for me, Emg 81 in the bridge is great for metal shredding. The alder does make it sound kinda bright though.

that ltd looks good actually, 650 is a good price for a set neck mahogany with active emg's, i've never tried it myself though.
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