Now here is a completly un biased reviews of this amp from moi.

The prologue:
so im in sound control (with a friend and i ask the assistant if I could try out the 2266 VM, ( I had rang on Friday, to check if it was in stock and for demo use, they had) he let me pick a guitar, (I could bring my own guitar in so I chose something similar, there wasnt any strat's with a SD-11 Custum Custum in the bridge (obviously) so I chose a Epiphone Korina Explorer ( A very nice guitar, good hard wear + looks imo and for £300 listed, when you could talk them down, a complete steal, however I am in no need of a new guitar) he rolled the
Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50w Head
atop a
Marshall 1960a standard 4x12 cab
into the booth
while I chose a guitar + tunned up.

Plugged in:
I found a great tone within about 1 minute of fiddling, stuck it into the high range with the mid boost engaged fiddled with the EQ all above 5 (inc Presence), Reverb on 4, Detail on 8 (3 o'clock) Body on 5 (12 o'clock) wait for it Master Vol on 3.
Very Very Van Halen, and not exactly ear bleeding levels and I was sitting 1 foot in front of the 1/2 stack.

In total I spent just under 25 minutes the amp. and as fun as it was it riff out Panama,Unchained ect I did use various other EQ settings and remembering this from guitar player magasine:
" One of the most satisfying guitar tones I’ve gotten in recent years was with this half-stack in a large rehearsal hall, facing slightly away from the band, and echoing off the walls. It filled the room with a magnificent 3-D rock roar. Every lick I threw at it seemed like it was written for this amp—from Van Halen’s “Unchained,” to the Stones’ “Honky Tonk Women,” and U2’s “Beautiful Day” to cleaner fare such as Zepp’s “Ramble On.” "

just by rolling back the volume on your guitar you get a great clean tone, well you dont buy a Marshall for the cleans but a very useable CT for y'now parts in a song where you need a clean verse like.

oh during the time I found that Master Vol under 12 o'clock above 8 o'clock was a very good tone not crap by a long shot, so you get a great tone their but then you put it past 12, Heavenly just Marshall bliss, theirs nothing like the sound of a cranked Marshall and its you who is playing though it. And I said into a booth, It was not sound proofd whatso ever littterally just a small bedroom with a standard bedroom door on it, so Im sure that people outside could hear. and even past 12 o'clock it wasnt deafining just loud, but the furtest I pushed it was 2-3o'clock I didnt dime it just out of politeness for everyone else in the building.

Overall a very versatile amp which can do many tones and genra's and still has the distinctive Marshall roar on call. the general opinions on UG on the VM are: it has too much gain for classic rock and not enough for Metal. I dissagre its very suited for rock I cant see it having too much gain for Classic Rock and if you did dial in too much just roll back your vol a little or reset the the Detail and Body to something to more suitable. I agree with the fact that It cant do Metal.Classic Metal, Randy, Black Sabbath 80's and before,early Metalica ect it can (essepically if you have high output PU's) but any of this new metal look else where in amp choices.

Now here is something that counts, as I said earlier I was with a friend who dosnt play guitar or know anything about amps ect, hes starting to play drums (6 months) now, and shares similar music interests as myself Rock, and he said what a "great Rock tone" the amp had and when I put it to him the question " does that sound like a £600 amp" twice 1 after the first 10mins and then after Id finnished with the amp, both times he said deffinatly, whole heartedly. The tone very Guns n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, ACDC, Randy Rhoads and if you have never heard of a JCM 800 2205 you would buy the amp whatever the price, but I am still undecided. I dont think anyone has done a review of this amp on here before, and seeing as I have nothing to be attached to this amp for and went in with an open mind and feel that I have given a fair amp review.
Let me know what you think.

Well I'm the first person to start bahing it. Why? Well to start with I actually loved the idea of Marshall "going back to the roots". I played one and hated it. Then I had a chance to play one again and while I found it better, I found that both a JCM800, Orange Rocker 30 and so on all did the tones the VM did, only better.

So why do I bash it? Because I find the amp not to be that good, I find other amps to do the same tones better and basically overall, it's not that bad, but IMO it's not that good either.

My original review:

Marshall Vintage Modern head: Well i had to try these. And i had kind of high expectations, thinking they were going back to the roots. But i was very disapointed. The clean was pretty good, but not as good, but not an AC30. The overdrive is, well, boring. I thought the idea of doing the Plexi "two- style" gain knobs was smart. The problems were, they didn't work well. The Detail was a very thin overdrive which sounded very "trhashy" and the body was far too dark and muddy (not as balanced as the High Treble and Normal on a Plexi). The amp could never reach that medium distorted "in- between" distortion, it was either far too clean or far to distorted. Though i could get a passable thrash tone out of it and a decent clean sound, but there are far better amps for these sounds, but overall this amp was a huge disappointment. Shame on you Marshall!
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Though i would recommend to try these amp to compare it to:
Orange Rocker 30
Vox AC30
Traynor YCV50 Blue
Marshall JCM800 2204 or 2203 if you can find one.
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It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

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