1. what does a P-90 sound like, how is it different than a humbucker?

2. if i were to put some gibson pickups in my epiphone would it actually sound that much better, or do I have to buy a gibson guitar?
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1. A P-90 is a single coil pickup, so it's a lot mellower.
2. Yes.
A p90 is brighter than a humbucker, but thicker than a single coil. It is actually a big single coil, in terms of construction. It has a lot of "bark" to it.

Depends on which epiphone. It may sound better, but it won't be as good as the real thing in terms of quality
well putting a gibson pickups sounds like a good idea

after all pickups make a really big diference in the quality of the sound
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I agree it would sound better and also that it probably won't sound as good as a Gibson, though there are some exceptions to both. Gibson pickups are great but there are some cheaper options that are just as good or better and sound very similar.