OK, so i can learn new songs quite easily, and get through the actual text i get fairly easily ( i take lessons). but when it comes to finishing off the piece and the final performance/ technical side off my playing i feel that it really kinda sucks. Avice on how i can change this please? thanks in advance
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practice is way more important than theory
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practice, practice, practice my man.
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Doh! ok i practice as much as i have time for 1-2 hours a day, anything i should concentrate on while practicing?
practice well. every time you make a mistake, analyse what you did to find out WHY you made that mistake. Then eliminate it.

Dont just keep playing hoping that eventually you'll stop making the mistake, that will just reinforce the mistake.
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the most important part of practicing is to slow it down to the point where you make no mistakes and every note rings out correctly. It will suck, but there is no way that you won't improve. You can bump up the bpm that you are playing little by little. It's tedious but by the time you get to regular playing speed, everything is clear,sounds good and you will know the song like the back of your hand.
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Always play slow, relaxed. Practice "easy" so to speak, aka not full speed, not full dynamics and concentrate on finding the "right" motion, because for every right motion there is, there is an infinite number of "wrong" motions, so analyze what you are doing. And always think musically, it is vital that you concentrate on phrasing.