Which amp would you recommend for punk and rock eg. Stiff Little Fingers, Ramones, The Damned.

I've been looking into the Vox AC30 CC1 and the Marshall DSL 401. Are these the right sort of amps to be looking at or are there better recmmendations for my style?

Also how long do tubes last if lets say you play for 1 hour a day or something?

Between the 2 I would say that the AC30 is a much better choice. If you want a more classic Marshall sound (like johnny ramone) I would look into an Orange Rocker30 combo.
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You'll probably have the crank the AC30 pretty hard to get even moderate heavyness, and a 30 watt 2x12" combo will get bloody loud.

Tubes should last about a year or two if you're not running them brutally, not turning the amp on and off all the time, and know how to use a standby switch.

Edit: Oh yea, you usually won't have to replace preamp tubes nearly as often.
Well if you want a Marshall sound that's not too high gain and you can't get an Orange, try getting a Ceriatone.