when your listning to music on your computer go mess around with eq settings on your player becuase i do and when ever i do i make the music sound 100% better like it sounds more equal and just overall better, does anyone else do this?
if your having to eq alot then your probs having to compensate for one of your pieces of equipment. probably your speakers
i either have it to a metal/rock setting, or i leave it un-altered so it sounds teh way teh producer meant it to be, i don't like messing with ppls art
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im useing 50 dollor in ear sony ear phones.......so its not that its just i like making it sound better and i forgot mention that im going to be a studio engineer/producer sooo that might be a reason why but i just like making it sound better because i have a sweet sound card on my comptuer so i can do all the crossfading/reverb/eq/and other stuff all i want and i customize it for each band not song