i just got done watching the zero - new blood video
and on garrett hills part is this song by the band called the only ones
and i searched, came up fruitless
id like to show you guys the greatness that is the only ones

pringles was originally going to be a tennis ball company

having a penis is like having a friend who always wants to play
That song was used on a cell phone advert over here.

So now The Only Ones are touring again.
Posers are like punks, except they do it for fashion

I really need to get more of this band. Obviously Another Girl, Another Planet is a classic pop song, but the other few tunes I have heard of them sound great. Kinda glamish power pop.

I love the 70's pop punk bands like The Boys, The Buzzcocks, The Real Kids as well.
they're pretty good, but probably too "poppy" for some. songs like Lovers Of Today, Why Don't You Kill Yourself and Someone Who Cares are excellent in my humble oppinion of course...
L E T S G O F U C K I N C R A Z Y ! ! ! !

I absolultey love this band, but I wouldn't call them punk. Surely this belongs in the Pop-Punk forum?

Anyway, it's good to see them back on tour, plus theres rumours of a new album this year aswell.........

Live performance of (in my opinion) the greatest pop-punk song of all time!

I'm gonna turn it into hydrogen.....
I like the bass and drums. However, the vocals and drums guitars suck.

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Old pop punk like them and the Buzzcocks are fine here.

I like em.
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i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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I like the bass and drums. However, the vocals and drums suck.


I'm gonna turn it into hydrogen.....
Quote by BrianApocalypse
I like the bass and drums. However, the vocals and drums suck.

Someone's made a mistake

Also, I love them
Saw them live a week or so ago, and they were still on top form. Shame the crowd consisted of fat 40 year olds
hm...sounds okay...anyone got any music from them so I can make a decision if they suck or not?
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Rancid are the best punk band ever.

Tim Armstrong is a songwriting genius, is a complete fashion diva and has an incredible singing voice.

He doesn't sound like Opie from family guy at all.