I cleaned it up a little and gave it a title thanks for all who gave advice
any thoughts/advice would be appericated i will return the favor

I thank god for you

I just wanted you to know
I still think of you
Every night and every day
I know that you are gone
You couldnt take anymore
Of me and my ways

But i thank god for you
Cause you have let me see
the man that i can be
and though you are gone
your words still live on
in my heart and in my mind
and i thank god for you

I finally hit the bottom
Torn from all im left forgotten
I couldnt drag you down anyway
I never wanted to cut you through
with the words i said to you
but i know it will be ok

[chorus] "but" replaced with "casue" in line one

and now i know what i must do
erase that part of me its true
it will hurt but must be done
cause i cant even look at me you see
that i need to go and fix my life
instead of continuing my demise

Even though i lost it all
and you were there when i started to fall
i just need to tell you
that i will pull through, words i swear are true
i will earn your trust back
becasuse if there is one thing i lack
its you in my life
its you who can replace the emptiness inside
And I thank god for you
that like left me speechless it awesome i can totally relate to that. very well written can you send me some other stuff you have written would love to read it!
This was a really good. awsome job writing it. 5/5, I would like to read more of your stuff.
What an amazing song, top class writing, keep writing like this you'll make something from it
When I read the title I totally expected another cliche love/break up song, but man was I wrong. You succesfully wrote a song of that genre while including all your feelings but not making it cliche. Congrats mate. real good stuff. Comment my song "Parachutes" if you can. Its on the first page.