So my ground wire from my battery got ripped off, and it was like the 3rd time its happened...and my buddy just got a job as Sam Ash, so I had him bring it in to get it rewired....and I figured "hey i'm tired of always having my strings a half an inch )no lie( off my neck...maybe he can fix my neck too".

long story short...my friend just texted me "turns out you broke you truss rod"

I can deal with the high action, because its been that way since i bought it last year, but is there any hope for me and my action problems??? ))straddles dont change anything for me((.

should i start saving up for a new bass??
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N to be helpful. Broken trusses are very serious.

In all reality itll probably cost you more to repair it than the actually value of the bass. Just buy a new one!

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but on a serious note,
warmoth makes replacement necks for fenders,
theres always ebay,
or you could be stingy and try to replace it, but i dont recommend it, since it'll probably break again

if i was you, id go get a new guitar and sell this one for parts on ebay
When you have your action that high for a long time the truss rod tends to break or just get really weak. Sometimes its just a dud. I had a fender jazz neck go bad on me even though the action was low and I had it set up twice a year.
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how about that, not that expensive, has a j neck.

i've never even played a fender before, so i have i think i might give them a try

Try it out first.

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