ok, ive been playing 1 1/2 yrs. and i love metal.. i really want to learn how to sweep pick... ive learned some of the basic patterns but some are very hard for me.. i have trouble on the ones where u have to barre ur finger as u sweep... any tips BESIDES keep practicing and play it slow and clean which i already know from experience lol... i mean is there anything that will make these types of arpeggios a little easier? also how often should i practice sweeping to get good? because the easy sweeps are VERY boring but i really want to be able to shred....if i practice about 3 hours a day on school days, then how much of that time should be devoted to sweep picking? thanks all
get it so you can sweep easily on the other types and then practice rolling your finger and sweeping the barred bit. As long as you keep doing it slow you'll get it eventually
Just keep practicing and play it slow and clean.

Just kidding. 3 hours a day just practicing sweep picking? That's good commitment, which means you'll get it down in no time.
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unfortunately there is no substitution for practice and playing cleanly i'm afraid, but what helped me was just practicing the barred notes and just playing those instead of the whole sweep when I had trouble barring the notes