Not sure where to put this, but I feel I will get reasonable feedback here... so here it goes.

I've just gotten my first electric guitar and amp (Epi. SG Special/Vox DA 15; yeah, I know that's not the greatest... but its what I could aford). When I play, the sound will cut out for no reason from my amp... the only thing that fixes it is to either push the cable connector (with a sizeable force) into the guitar, or take it all the way out and reconnect it. I've taken it to the guy who sold it to me, and he has cleaned all the connections... and I'm about to take it back to him, because he said if I keep having trouble to bring it back. I've also tried it in a Roland Cube that I've recently aquired, so I know its not the amp. The connector is one of the 90 degree angle connectors because the port is on the front of the guitar. Any suggestions on what it might be, so that I have an idea of whether he is taking the correct steps to fix the problem?

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are you using a cheap chinese cord?
its 100% your cable anyway if you have to shove it into the amp.

buy a Monster Cable, they're 40bucks, and last a "lifetime" but one of mine crapped out after 6months, and if they do (if u get it from Guitar Center) you walk in with it out, go right up to a register, and get a FREE exchange.

so yeah, its your cable, go get a monster.


don't let anyone tell you that its not the cable.
this is the symptoms of a crapped out cable, trust me, ive had 4 cables go bad
on me on brand new equipment.

or just take the fender cable back to him and explain
im sure he'll realise and replace it

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its ALOT EASIER to get a $40 cable and have an unlimited replacement guarantee from the store which is told to you when you buy it, that if something is wrong with it ever, just take the cable in, no receipts no NOTHING, just walk in up to someone at a register and they'll grab you a new cable for FREE.