I am trouble alternate picking fast. The problem is when I do a downstroke lets say on the b string and need to do an upstroke on the g after. What happens is the pick snags the previously hit string(the B) and it just gets me caught up.I am basically just getting caught up in the strings and I dunno what to do!
Slow down and practice switching strings without getting caught up until you can play string-skipping passages comfortably.
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practice on the main riff of "cowboys from hell" by Pantera it helped me a BUNCH
That's called "inside the string picking", and it's a problem for most alt. pickers at some point. Just do what these guys said and slow way down and practice with a metronome. You might also want to buy/watch John Petrucci's Rock Discipline, he's got a good exercise for inside picking in there.
Stop trying to play so fast, slow it down until you can do it accurately and look to increase the speed gradually.
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