So I bought an Epiphone Les Paul standard from guitar center a couple months ago. So it has been making this twanging sort of rattling noise. on the B string and so I the other day I lowered my action on it, I lik the action lower. And now it is all twangy and hellacious sounding on the G string. So I found that it almost sounds like the bridge is rattling. So if i just turn the screw on the bridge for the G string a little bit it will sound fine for about 2 seconds and then it will sound like hell again. So does anybody know what is wrong?
The action is too low and the strings are coming into contact with the frets. Get it set up properly at a local guitar shop.
its fret buzz man just take it into the shop and get it fixed if you want to do it yourself just raise the bridge
Yeah I know how to raise the bridge and I just raised it quite a bit and it still sounds like hell and I'm pretty confident that it not coming from the frets but from the tunomatic bridge.
it might also be the bridge saddles themselves rattling,it might also be the little piece of wire thats on top of the adjustment screws to hold them in place check to see if its loose.it might also be the angle of the strings as they come from the tailpiece. if the bridge is to high and the tailpiece really low the strings might be coming in contact with the bridge before the string reaches the saddles themselves.you may want to check out this site its alot of info. lespaulforum.com
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