Hey all.

I have a used 1986 35W Peavey Backstage Plus. I bought it about a year ago and it treated me great for about three months. At that point I noticed that the "saturation" was sketchy, that it would fade in and out. Usually a solid jiggling of the knob fixed the problem, but lately the whole amp has been sort of popping in and out, at first only for a minute, but now it's silent more often than not. I still hear a hum from the amp but it's not receiving any signal from the guitar.

I don't think it's the cord, and I know it's not the guitar. Is there anything I can do about with without taking it in to a shop?
Its probably the pots and /or jacks need cleaned. Contact cleaner spray. I've got one that I really love. Had to clean it several times since I bought it (1984.) Isn't it a good sounding loud little bastard?
such a POS amp. i have one too, and it does that.
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Yeah, just because an amp is 24 years old isn't a reason not to expect it to work perfectly.