Ok, at a music store near me, they are selling a brand new Peavey 6505 head for $900, and I need advice if I should save up to buy it. I'm only 14, so it will take me a while to save up for it, but what do you think I should do?
That's a few hundred less than they sell it for on Musiciansfriend, so I'd say that's a good price.

But what kind of music do you play? These are really suited to metal, so if you play anything else there are probably better options for you. What kind of cab do you have? Are you planning on playing live/gigging or is this just for your bedroom? Answer these questions and I'd be glad to give more advice ^_^
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HOLY CRAP dude thats an amazing price for that head i would kill to get that price for a 6505 head
Then definitely go for it.
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Ok, but it will probably sell before I can afford it.
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