hi ug.
i was wondering if i could make a pedal that is a phaser but its in a wah pedal casing and moving the pedal either way it could change the speed of the phase and what i would need to do this?
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have you ever built a pedal before? and a wah enclosure is very limiting. the actually rotation you get on the pot is very little, so the speed difference wouldnt be much
You may be able to figure out a system of gears or something to make the span of the wah match that of the pot, but that would be really complicated.

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you could
but they make stuff like the rotovibe that does it pretty well, good enough to buy one

you could gut a wah and put a phase pedal in it, and replace the wah pot with the phasers speed pot, that way the rack and pinion gearing you'd need are there.