I've been doing improv solos as long as I have been playing. Granted they sucked. Up until now I felt like my licks were decent. But one of my friends started pulling out just crazy licks, and it made me feel like I'd never played a guitar before. What are some cool licks with bends high up on the neck, or just some other cool soloing things. I'm stuck in the pentatonic box, and a few of its variants
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just one quick question was your friend useing effects?

(i also would say look at some hendrix solo's but i dunno what kinda music your into)
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just one quick question was your friend useing effects?

What does that have to do with it? Effects don't make your technique better.

Anyways, just work on licks that you enjoy. If you like a lick in a song, learn it and master it. Don't go too crazy with copying other peoples licks though, try to create your own.


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lol and anyways i was saying if he was useing like a flanger it makes it sound different if you were just playin bypass and most people i see today just use alot of distortion and say power chords but ya that guy is right they dont make ya play better id try to write some cool licks but eh thats just me
Dont just stay in 1 box of a scale, go all around and learn to link **** up. Also incorporate bends, slides, trills and **** for flashy cool sounding stuff
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You'll have to have a better knowledge in theory and be able to apply it. A deeper knowledge in theory is gonna open up some new doors in your playing.
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