Hey chaps, ive been a multi FX kid since about 2 years ago. and havent brought any stomp boxes since.

However, im bored of my Line6 Pod Xt live,

and want to buy a Pedal for metal, classic rock, hard rock etc...

you know, like sabbath, trivium, metallica, the darkness (lol), erh and queensryche stuff.

All i want is a pedal to give me some cool tones,

I got a Dunlop crybaby Wah, and a adapter, and also a Marshall Guv'ner pedal.

but what do you guys suggest:

Equipment i have is,

Ibanez RG prestige2620E
Fender Roc Pro 1000 amp
maybe like a digitech metal master but it always gets ****ed up when i use it. boss metalzone/metalcore maybe. maybe like the dimebag distortion from MXR, or like lighter distortion MXR distortion+ or Distortion III