Poll: Do you own or use a Gibson Iommi pickup?
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View poll results: Do you own or use a Gibson Iommi pickup?
I have used it
2 18%
I have not used it
9 82%
Voters: 11.
Okay, I have never met one person that has or has ven used the gibson pickup...it came installed in my ESP viper 400 and it has really good tone. Does anyone else play it? give reasonings to your answers please
I've played the Iommi SG which has them, I like the Gibson 500T/496R set better but the Iommi pups are nice too.
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The pickups 50 bucks more than most others so a bit pricey to try. Dont know what they could do to it to make it cost that much more.
it was customized and i got it for 400 from 800 so i guess that's a really good deal...