im gettin a new guitar, preferrably gibson sg or vegas, and dont really know what the deal with pickups are... i've gotta strat w/ 3 pickups, and dont know if going down to 2 is worse or not... or even if it matters.
well, the gibsons have humbuckers, which i personally like better than the single coil pickups in a strat, but it's all preference
when i shop for a guitar, i don't care what kind of pickups are on it, and how many. its how well you can manipulate it to get the sound you want.
i was told by many a person, that u wait till your a good guitarist until u get a good guitar...unless uve only just registered on UG but been playin for a loooooong time, which doesnt look to be the case, wait till you have a decent level of techniques etc till u geta gibson
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the three single coil pickups are generally better for clean tones and some good punchy leads. Humbuckers, like those on an SG, are designed to cancel the hum you hear when plugged in and turned up but arent playing, they are generally better for heavily distorted stuff and more "searing" leads, so if you wanna play anything that's say for instance at least as heavy as AC/DC humbuckers may be the way to go, but this is just a general guideline, as there are tons of other things that effect your sound.

For me, when selecting a guitar to buy, the #1 thing is how good it FEELS when playing it.
the single coils of your current guitar will give off more of a 'bell tone', that is opposed to the sound of two humbuckers which will give off a much fatter and more saturated tone.

a classic single coil sound is RHCP

compare that to a humbucker sound by looking at some artists like buckethead or the darkness.

my personal preference is the humbucker sound, though there are times when i wish i had a strat to get that sort of sound.

to answer your question - two humbuckers in a gibson SG is not worse than three single coils in some other guitar, it just gives a different sound.
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