anyone out there who has this pedal or who is tech"savvy"

I had this pedal for a while and just a while ago the pedal stopped working
All the other fucntions work fine but just the pedal on the right[not the buttons]

this sucks beause I can't do wah's and stuff anymore.

any tips or hints are much appreciated.

Read the instruction manual and see if there's a way to calibrate the expression pedal. The same thing happened to my Digitech RP80
Only problem is
I bought it from some guy
I dont have the instructions manual

how do you calibrate it ?
I will just type it in here then:

1. Disconnect the PS0913B power supply from the power jack on the RP200.
2. Press and hold the Up Footswitch while reconnecting the power.
3. Continue to hold the Up Footswitch until the Display reads TOE DN.
4. Rock the Expression Pedal forward to the toe down position.
5. Press either Footswitch and the Display now shows TOE UP.
6. Rock the Expression Pedal back to the toe up position.
7. Press either Footswitch.The RP200 will return to the last selected Preset and the Expression
Pedal is now calibrated.

Note: If the Display shows ERROR, an error has occurred and steps 4 through 7
should be repeated.
I dont have my pedal here right now
I'll do it 2mo
and respond here

thanx aleady