Lets start off with I like to play a lot of higher gain (Metal for the most part.) stuff...

I'm gonna pick up a new amp in the near future, but I'm not sure if I'll benefit more from using the distortion of an amp like the Peavey 5150 or buying something with better cleans and just plugging pedals into it. Problem is, I have very, very little experience with pedals, and I'm kinda overwhelmed when it comes to there being so many.

So, my question to you is, "is it better to buy an amp with good distortion built in, or should I get an amp with better cleans and just plug pedals into it? Also, if it is the latter, which pedal(s) should I buy?"

It depends. Good pedal distortions sound different than good amp distortions.
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As people have said before me, buy pedals to enhance/perfect your sound, not make it. Stuff like the aforementioned tubescreamer help enhance the sound and (with me anyway) help the solos stand out. If you're really looking for cleans with distortion, you might be checking out some Peaveys. I'm sure other people can point you in a good direction for better amps. But, with me, Peavey + light distortion pedal = Decent versatile sound.

When asking for amp suggestions, say what music you want, your price range, and where you're going to play at.

Good luck to you, sir.
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i was going to mention the 5150 haha. dude, if you get a good tube head and a 10 band eq, you won't need a pedal. solid state heads sound like **** though, you may need a pedal for one. any higher end peavey with tube technology will deliver. krank, diezel, etc.

10 Band EQ? Isn't there a pedal for that, or did I leave my brain over in the Pit?
Thanks for the quick replies guys! I'll definately take this stuff into consideration when picking up my amp (Which is lookin like it's gonna be the 5150.).