Im just curious to know to do it.Im takign about the animated ones. I can get photoshop. So do i use that? Is there any guides? Because I cant find anything. All I found where online banner makers and stuff.

Im taking about banners that bands put on there myspace for promotions and stuff. Like it would have the logo then it would fade out to there new CD. How do i make one of my own?
You can use Photoshop CS3 for that, but I'm not exactly sure if you can in the previous versions (you probably can, but I'm not smart enough to know).

Or you can get Image Ready. They discontinued Image Ready for CS3, so don't bother looking.
Or you can use Fireworks. I'm pretty sure that's a flash program. Much too difficult in my opinion.
You can use Image Ready CS2 or personally I'd create my graphics in photoshop then import them to flash, create the animation and then export to an animated .GIF. Just because I hate Image Ready
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Put C.C devilles bouncing boobies on both sides of the banner with your message in the middle.

Epic success.
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