I recently bought a fender blues junior amp and i use an epiphone les paul and im loving the clean tones the amp gives me. I love the amp right now but im looking towards getting some good distortion for it. I dont play metal or anything too heavy, and ive been looking at the jekyll and hyde OD distortion or maybe the ts9 tubescreamer but im not sure if thatll give me enough distortion. the jekyll and hyde interests me because i know the strokes use that, and im looking for that kind of sound. any suggestions?
The J&K is both an overdrive and a distortion. Two separate units in one box. The overdrive unit is (supposedly) a very good tubescreamer clone. The distortion is good too, I hear.

I am actually looking at one myself.
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the J+H is based on a Tube Screamer
except it sounds muddy
and the added distortion is ear piercing
and they dont blend together well AT ALL

I returned it and got a TS, havent been happier
well if you were using urs on a randall, remember, it is pretty much the opposite of blues junior.

i would say to go for the J and H.

i went wt the tube screamer wt my jr, but it was lacking a bit.

a punchier od like the blues driver, or a j&h would have made a better choice, imo.

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I dont know, I mean this amp is an EL34/12AX7 powered amp....and I only use the clean channel

he can decide for himself
alright thanks for the help guys, ill have to see if the distortion is that bad like heartbreaker said, and like jj said im not sure if the tubescreamer would get heavy enough. do you think getting the tubescreamer and a separate distortion would be a good idea? im not sure what distortions are good out there though id probably be looking at under 100 US dollars for the distortion if im gonna get the tubescreamer too
try out an american big muff, you might like it http://www.thomann.de/gb/electro_harmonix_bigmuff_pi.htm

just try out every pedal in the shop and see which one suits your taste, bring your guitar along and plug into a blues jr
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i use a custom tuned tubescreamer for mine. but i can use my attenuator and crank it with my guitar plugged straight into my amp and get a nice sound. but i don't want my tubes to die so fast...
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I have a Blues Deluxe and use a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET. It was $160, but it was exactly what I was looking for, so I'm happy with it. I'd recommend trying one out if you can find it in a store. I got it at GC.
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