Recently, i've been figuring out ways to make my strat stand out cosmetically and tonally. And i've been playing alot of country, but the problem is... I only have a strat.
So... I was thinking of putting a tele bridge like this: http://store.guitarfetish.com/wicotebrbrsa.html
on my MIM fender strat.
Would this be doable? I know i'd probably have to cut my pickguard a bit, but thats no biggie.

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Well its string thru and your strat has a tremolo correct?
If you really want to I would get wood and block the tremolo (as shown on a Project guitar tutorial I'l get the link to in a sec) and then install the tele bridge.
Also with the tele bridge you would need to buy a telle bridge pickup that will fit and chances are after that the strings won't allign correctly with the polepieces of your other start pickups in the neck and mid.

Edit: http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/tht1.htm
Hmm, there are a few ways of doing a ghetto job with this, but I'm sure that's not what you're aiming for... But actually, it's given me an idea, if I can find a discarded Strat or something similar for bum-cheap.

@XibanezedgeX: No, it's not a string-thru only... This Wilkinson bridge assembly can be used as a toploader as well. Notice the holes on the rear end of the thing?
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That Is Not A String through . . . Look Close At the Tail Of The Bridge , ahh . . . Theres 6 Holes.
There's a reasonable chance that you could simply remove the trem, block, springs, and claw, and simply bolt the tele bridge to the top. Screw the backplate back on so no one know's you're springless, and make sure you don't mess up the scale length. Cut the pickguard flush (carefully and slowly!) and you're set.
^Yes, if you wanna use it as a toploader you should be fine with a solution like that.

@sum_fukkin_guy: It's also a string-thru bridge... The other holes are there too.