Sometime soon I'll be in the market for new gear.

I was thinking of buying:

1. Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's Neck
2. Vox Valvetronix AD30VT-XL Amp
3. Vox Tonelab LE

Its around $3000, and I'm thinking about buying at Guitar Center.

Are there any tips on how to haggle and get a lower price?
I really want a 10% discount, but I honestly think thats impossible, do you think so?
Those aren't bad, but not the first choices I would make myself.

Gibson LPs are overpriced (imo), you can get a much better guitar for the same price.

And for the other stuff, what kind of music do you play?
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haggling works best at smaller/non-chain music stores. Ask how much the price would be if you paid cash (usually smaller store owners will JUMP at this)

otherwise, good luck and find stuff you like!

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It's not impossible. Infact you can get a really good price. Seriously, anything you buy you shouldn't be paying list price for it. My friend needed a cord for his P.A. and it was 75 bucks for list price. He got it for 30. Now, that's just a cord, but you can get good deals. I bought a drumset for 1300 when should've been about 1600. Your not gonna get half off but you can work em.
Look around and see if you can find anywhere that sells them cheaper. If you do, guitar center has a policy that they will match that price. Or if you don't quite have enough for all of it, tell them that your willing to give them so much for it and see if they go for it.
I hope that helps.
The Vox XL series might be more than you need in the gain department. Get the regular valvetronics AD30.
if that is the case, then you might prefer the AD30VT, not the XL. The XL is meant more for high-gain.

Just try out the stuff you're thinking of buying.
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My suggestion would be to get a PRS custom 22 or 24. You can work the employees and get a good price on one. Then i'd say, skip the tonelab and instead look into a better amp.
The Kustom 36 or 72 coupe is a very good lightweight versitle amp with a lot of power. And it's a tube. And if you want the wah that you would've gotten with the tonelab, look into the Dunlop DB-01.
You can find some good cheaper guitars that aren't gibson les pauls. Like Sendrith said, Gibson les pauls are overpriced. PRS aren't overpriced nearly as much as Gibson. Look at some Ibanez or Schecter guitars. Very nice and versitle, and cheaper than a les paul too. Or if your dead set on the les paul look at some jay tursers or Agile guitars.
Remember, you can always change the stock pickups. Seymour Duncan's would be good for you. Some good combos of those for your style would be a SH-4, SH-5 or SH-6 in the bridge and an APH-1, SH-2, SH-1 or SH-pg1 in the neck.
I say definetly go with a better amp than the vox and either the prs or a cheaper guitar and if you don't like the stock pickups, stick some seymour duncans in there.
^ +14574942 to the last thing he said.

don't play a $1500+ guitar through a $300 amp. it'll feel good, but it won't sound anywhere near where it could sound.

if you want to spend 3grand on a rig, i'd say spend $1000 on guitar, $1000+ on an amp, and whatever effects you desire with the remaining money.
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yah thats what i was thinking why the **** would you buy a 3000 dollar guitar and then
buy a 300 dollar amp for it
and second like some other guy said those things are to over priced you could probly get something just as good or even bettor for like half of that price or 2000 like a
and then use the remaing money to buy a good amp like a used marshall tube amp
ir a peavey vinsor or something along those lines

ans since your into les paul style id say
a single cut
like the guy above me
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And you should seriously checkout some nice fender, you've got a decent amount of money to spend on an amp. Then buy an OD and whatever else you want with the decent amount of money you'll have left over.
With that kind of money I wouldn't mess with the AD series at all. You could get a good guitar and a lower end mesa and be set.
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and plus other than geing great guitars for any style basicly
are a god damn piece of art
finest finishes ive ever seen
when I look at it
im just dazed by their beauty
and there elegence

oh i think im getting a boner
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