I have the Kustom DFX 65 solid state amp. It sounds alright, but it get's thin and tinny ant high volumes. I'm considering the Vox AD30VT as an upgrade. Would that be loud enough for gigs of up to 100-300 people? I'll use a P.A. system when I have to. Don't say tube amps, because I can't afford them. Oh yeah, and I play old to modern rock, blues, and some metal. I have a pedal for more gain if need be.
the ad30vt as an upgrade to a kustom dfx 65? its its pretty much the same. i wouldn't spend money on an amp that will also become thin and tinny at high volume. middle of the line solid state amps can't really cope that well with high volume gigging. but so long as you're being mic'd it won't make too much of a difference. While gigging, just try not to push your amp past 6, use your amp as a personal monitor, and let the PA do the work of projecting your sound to the crowd.

edit: I happen to have a Kustom KGA 65. its an older version of the Quad DFX as far as i know (I've tried both and prefer the KGA series BY FAR). its a pretty decent metal amp but starts to choke if i push the volume past 6. its just the limitations of these types of solid states.
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The Vox AD30VT 110 is $249 on Musician's Friend. For $200 you can get a Palomino 5 watt tube combo with a 10" speaker and a distortion pedal. My friend, you can afford tubes. PS its almost as loud as the Vox and sounds a hundred times better. Mic it.
I would skip the palomino. I thought they sounded bland and with numb controls. No character at all. If you're going to mic it, why not turn your Kustom down to where it sounds good?
Go try out an amp in a store...and yes, going tube isn't impossible with low funds.
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The Vox AD30VT 110 is $249 on Musician's Friend.


For that money, you could find a used Blues Jr or equivalent which would be a massive upgrade over your current amp. If you sell the Kustom, you could put yourself in line to land something like a Peavey Classic 30. Great amp that'll last you a lifetime.

You can definitely afford a tube amp. A used one is a great investment. It'll be worth what you paid for it (or more!) five years from now. The AD30VT will be worth about $175 as soon as you open the box, and depreciate from there.

And I like the Palominos. My son has the V16. It's a great little amp. At $350, it's a great value new.
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