I have a Zoom G1 pedal and a Roland Amp....I'm looking for that classic Blink 182 sound (like from the take off your pants and jacket album).

I'd wanna program it into my pedal for future jams with my buddies.

Help me out guys...or atleast advise me to the correct forum

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Buy one of the Tom Delonge guitars?
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Umm... mess with your amp and distortion's eq?
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Basically just mess around with the pedal like you have no clue what youre doing. I think thats what Blink 182 does.

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Hahaha ...maybe I'll just crank the hell out of the treble
Rocking the free world one step at a time!
subtract 5 years from however long you've been playing, buy a squire, and turn your gain and treble up to 8. tom delonge does this before every show.
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Blink is one of my favorite bands, but there music is really simple. So the setting is prolly some stupidily simple as well.
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